Sunday, September 6, 2009

Redneck Noir

All right, so this author, the queen of redneck noir goes out and shoots her father in the butt.

And the Michigan police claim she was aiming to kill.

What else need I say?

Hat tip, Pub Rants, who says that not all publicity is good publicity. Wanna bet?


So, I've been fighting this left-brain/right-brain battle for a few months, and I've finally gotten back the attitude that writing is more important than method of writing.

Okay, so I'm writing again, and maybe a little blogging as well.

I just found a little item on confidence by Murderati author Toni McGee Causey.

I have to agree that confidence accounts for a lot in writing. Which is one of the reason that the "show not tell" maxim is poisonous to young authors. Honestly, do you think Neil Gaiman has a problem with telling? If he wants to tell, he tells. And he does it with confidence, style, and masterful language.

Hat tip, Janet Reid.