Monday, February 15, 2010

Genius Girl Approaching Finale?

I'm getting goose bumps... which is a good thing.

It looks like Girl Genius ... Steampunk - er Gaslight Fantasy - Graphic Novels at their best... is approaching its series finale. I'm getting that impression because lots and lots of minor characters and major characters and love interests and plot devices are all showing up for a final showdown beneath the ruins of an insane castle, and, well, doesn't that sound like a finale?

Really, I wouldn't be surprised if they all joined in a chorus line and sang, "There's no business like show business..."

It's that kind of a comic: Adventure... Romance... Mad Science! And the occasional alternate universe chorus number.

Oh, poop. Speaking of chorus numbers, that montage I made, above right, really should contain at least one Jagermonster with a bit hat, but they haven't appeared in a few pages. Darn.

Okay, here's one from last year.

"Nize hat!!!!"

NOTE: Original images copyright 2008-2010 Studio Foglio LLC. Homage montage belongs to them too, even if I made it.