Thursday, January 29, 2009

He wrote HOW many stories?

Prolific flash writer Michael Kechula has some tips over on Katie Hines's blog, specifically tips about writing short fiction. And by prolific, I mean, makes Jay Lake look sedate.

Kechula's tips:

  1. Write openers that grab attention.
  2. Omit excessive detail. It burns up precious word count.
  3. Omit long sentences, especially those with semi-colons.
  4. Consider including 1-word, or 2-word sentences for impact.
  5. Include dialog. Big chunks of narrative create yawns.
  6. Use contractions. Especially in dialog. One word is saved each time.
  7. Use words gained from items 2 and 6 to enhance the plot.
  8. Omit anything that may throw readers out of the story.
  9. Keep moving the story forward.
  10. Keep characters down to a minimum.
  11. Read your draft manuscript out loud. Better yet, record it and listen to the story several times.
  12. Edit, edit, edit.

And if you want to know precisely how many stories he's published in the last four years, go read it. Unbelievable.

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