Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spin, Pitch and Roll by Faith Hunter

Over at Magical Words, Faith Hunter has this to say about pitches:
My pal *Mary* has been trying to get an agent excited about her Southern Women’s Fiction Novel for months. Everyone passed. She changed her pitch and the *one* agent of her dreams asked to see the whole thing, wanting an exclusive *right away*. What did she change?

Did I really just cut out the answer? Well, yeah.

It's worth popping over there to read the whole thing, especially the part after the cut. Hunter goes through four different pitches for the same novel, based upon what genre the agent/publisher is really interested in.

For those of us whose default story is "cross-genre", like me with my dragon westerns and New Weird Southern Gothic romances and YA magical steampunk romantic adventures, this is a skill we need to practice.

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