Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roundups and Whatnot

Okay, I haven't posted in ages, so this is just a roundup that doesn't even tell you about my brand new grinch pajamas or the fact that I now weigh the lowest weight since my marriage (12 years!)... okay, I lied, you have been told about those cool things. Maybe I'll post a pic later.

Here's a roundup of five years of author J.A. Konrath's blog.

Here's an article from Strange Attractor about crowdsourcing application Ushahidi.

Here's the awesome cover for the Russian version of author Aprilynne Pike's Wings. It is so hot! And something more important, Aprilynne's descriptions of chocolate making! Yum.

And, I can't post them yet, but I've received the artwork that will be printed with my two new short stories, one in Abandoned Towers magazine and one with my next Billy Steadman story in the new silly western anthology due out in 2010 by Cyberwizard Productions.

There. At least my feet are wet for the new year. Maybe more tomorrow.

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