Sunday, November 2, 2008

About Me

Okay, so I finally buckled down and created a blog. My publisher has been after me to do so for, oh, seven months or more, and I kept meaning to, but you know how it is. The cat needs polished and the table needs fed, or something like that.

My name is Dal Jeanis. I write Sci Fi, fantasy, mystery, and some odd combinations of things. For instance, my story published in Strange Worlds of Lunacy was called "Billy Steadman, the Dragon, and the Virgin Bride". It is a comedy dragon western.


I won the 2007 Fencon IV short story contest with my story "Spirit of Springtime". I also won Honorable mention at Writers of the Future this year, and I have a novel under contract for publication in 2009.

More about that later.

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Alex Moore said...

Congrats. My heartfelt best wishes in your publishing journey!