Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Advertising and Positioning - The Test

Okay, so here's a basic question about Advertising: when your public hears your name, what do you want them to associate you with?

That's what you call "positioning". If you write horror, you want them to think scary things. If you write adventure, you want them to think fun and excitement.

That's why Pepsi paid big bucks to Michael Jackson back in the 80s, because they wanted to seem cool and hip and filled with energy. That's why Pepsi stopped paying Jackson in the 90s, because they didn't want to seem icky and freakish.

Now, I ask you, who wants to advertise on a math test?

Hmmm. Who wants to associate themselves in YA minds as related to...um... pain?

Joanne Jacobs, who writes and blogs on education-related subject, notes that the answer for a San Diego-area school teacher who sells advertising on his tests and quizzes appears to be - an orthodontist.

Is that funny or what?

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Dal Jeanis said...

I guess I ought to point out that I actually loved math tests, but I know I'm highly atypical in that regard.