Saturday, November 15, 2008

Regrowing Body Parts a Reality?

SF Girl reports that the U.S. Army has announced progress in actually regrowing body Parts using somethign referred to as a "nano-scaffold" . Apparently came from a report in the Vancouver Sun.

The technology works by placing a very fine apparatus called a scaffold, which is made of polymer fibres hundreds of times finer than a human hair, in place of a missing limb or damaged organ. The scaffold acts as a guide for cells to grab onto so they can begin to rebuild missing bones and tissue. The tissue grows through tiny holes in the scaffold, in the same way a vine snakes its way up a trellis.
The military plans to announce the breakthrough at the 26th Army Science Conference - which attracts more than 1,600 international military scientists - in Florida next month.

Listed in various contexts in the story are regrowing fingertips, bladders, even a uterus.

Strange New world, indeed.

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