Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Favorite Author Intrusion

"Author intrusion" is a phrase most often used for writings where the author puts his own, barely-disguised opinions like political infodumps where suddenly the narrator will pontificate about, oh,

  • why a world where only the (ex-)soldiers can vote is THE CORRECT WAY TO RUN A SOCIETY-- kaff Heinlein kaff kaff -- or
  • why there is NEVER SUCH A THING AS VALUE ADDED BY GROUP ACTIVITY-- kaff kaff Ayn Rand kaff.
  • Why girls have cooties and should be avoided.

You know, important stuff.


So, what's your favorite author intrusion?


Jill Wheeler said...

Hi! I came here via another blog yesterday but didn't comment because I couldn't think of any specific author intrusions. I recognize them all the time, but somehow I can't think of one at the moment. Anyway, cheers!

Alex Moore said...

Hmmm...since I just went to an Ayn Rand workshop at NCTE this past Saturday, I'll add in what the speaker said: At least in Anthem, Equality did not eschew group activity. In fact, at the end of this novella, he talks about rounding up like-minded friends and having children and building the new society. His problem with the collective is the idea that when the good of the whole is put above that of the individual, all suffers.

Anyway, great blog. Am enjoying the look around.